Friday, November 23, 2012

Bug season is starting!

Although we still have not had any decent rain this season, there has been a noticeable increase in the abundance and diversity of invertebrates around Kuranda. Here is a selection of species photographed around our house recently.

Moth numbers are really on the increase. This one caught my eye, but I am yet to identify it.

One of  a multitude of green rainforest moths that have been visiting our light sheet (Comostola sp.)

Metallic darkling beetle (Tenebrionidae), feeding upon the trunk of a tree.

A small Raspy cricket (Gryllacrididae). The spines on the first two pairs of legs help the cricket to grasp small invertebrate prey.

Lacewing  Chrysopidae

The face of the Serrated-legged katydid, Paracaedicia serrata.

A Lynx spider, Oxyopes sp.. A nocturnal ambush hunter.

Irridescent Tachinid fly (Tachinidae).

Four-spined jewel spider, Gasteracantha quadrispinosa.