Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mt Baldy

A recent trip to Mt Baldy near Atherton on a cold night revealed very little, particularly within the foliage. On the ground, however, there was a bit of activity, and a few interesting species moving around. Here's a selection.

Chrysomelid leaf beetles mating on acacia.

More Chrysomelid beetles. Probably the same species as above and are obviously highly variable.

Whistling frog, Austrochaperina sp.

Stony creek frog, Litoria jungguy

Leeches were very active. Many on the ground and some lurking in the lower foliage like this one.

Semi-slugs were very active. This is most likely Fastosarion brazeri

A semi-slug has a small shell which is concealed by a soft mantle.

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