Monday, March 12, 2012

Spider week

Here's a few eight-legged finds from the past week.
No doubt the find of the week as far as colour goes. This is Arkys cornutus, a small ambush hunter. This is the second species of Arkys I have found on our property. The other was Arkys lancearius.

The face of Holconia immanis, known commonly as a Banded Huntsman

A young female Golden Huntsman, Beregama aurea, sitting on the silver bark of a eucalypt.

A Leaf-rolling Crab Spider, Cymbacha saucia.

The same individual with her young spiderlings emerging from their egg sac.

A very large orb-weaver Eriophora sp. The web of this spider was almost a metre across.

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  1. The photos are amazing. Thank you for sharing.