Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Losing grip

I happened across this scene of life and death recently. A Badge huntsman, Neosparassus sp. had just captured a katydid nymph Paracaedecia serrata. The katydid was hanging onto the branch above it with one leg in futile resistance.

Neosparassus huntman are small to medium sized huntsman, and tend to live within the foliage of the trees rather than on the trunks like their larger, flatter relatives. Their prey consists of insects such as katydids, grasshoppers, cockroaches and moths, but also includes other spiders.

Soon after the first photograph the katydid succumbed to the spider's venom, and was dragged into a more comfortable feeding position.


  1. Disgusting! Can't they find something else to eat!

    1. Are you suggesting that Austrosalomona 'destructor' would be a better option?