Monday, August 1, 2011

Costa Rica - Week 3

Here's a few of the species we have encountered recently. Have been having some fun with the camera too.

An unidentified praying mantis sitting on a red flower. Shot this  wide open to minimise the depth of field  and soften the background. 

The same mantis from a different angle. This species holds its raptorial legs out to each side while at rest.

A flame-bellied orb weaver,  Eriophora sp.

A bright coloured predatory katydid (Arachnoscelis feroxnotha). Apparently this is a relatively rare find - we have been lucky and have found five of them.

Arachnoscelis feroxnotha again. This species is an aggressive predator, catching other small invertebrates using the large spines to trap and hold prey before slicing it up with its massive mandibles.

A juvenile Basilisk lizard. This species can run on water.

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  1. Love the orb weaver. You knew I'd say that, didn't you? Is she one that takes down the web each day or so, or has a permanent web?